Behind-the-Scenes TGS#30: A Kiddie Odyssey

David Khoo brings you on a trip behind-the-scenes of TGS30's Honda Odyssey feature... complete with kiddies in tow

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Singapore - We figured it wouldn't be doing any service to the Honda Odyssey if we didn't at least try to use it the way Honda intended its MPV to be used (and abused!). Sure we know of business-folk who have taken to using such large MPVs (like the Alphard and Elgrand for instance) as mobile offices, especially when paired with a chauffeur, but we thought it would be great to revisit the most basic function of these vehicles - ferrying children, grocery trips and school runs.

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The timing was pretty cool too, since the issue was timed to hit the newstands just before the one-week school holidays in Singapore. Couple this to the increased tolls to cross the Causeway for short jaunts into Malaysia, and there was never a better excuse to explore the outer reaches of our sunny isle.

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Truth be told, we were concerned about having too many kids running amok, so we settled for three (even then, this wasn't without its share of tribulations, but rest assured no adults were injured or traumatised in the making of the feature!) kids, with two adults in attendance – the rest of us followed in a support vehicle, the very versatile Land Rover Discovery 4.

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The Odyssey is packed to the brim with toys, snacks and spare clothes – you know, the stuff that helps keep kiddos distracted and occupied on long drives and in-between shots (in other words, everything but the kitchen sink!)

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The Odyssey is a versatile beast of burden and coupled with the dual sliding doors, is a multi-people force to be reckoned with. The second row ottoman seats can be pushed together or split apart to create a thoroughfare to the third row, while the third can be fully folded flat to create more load-area, or for impromptu chill-out sessions!

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We take to the far reaches of Singapore to seek out the roads less travelled. For the better part of half a day, we visit the Jurong Frog Farm, Sungei Buloh Wetlands and Bollywood Veggies to get the kids up close and personal with the great outdoors, since seeing kids with necks craned over handheld devices isn't our idea of perfect parenting.

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From handling frogs to petting the farm-dogs and evading commando ants amist the lush environs of Bollywood Veggies, it cetainly gave the kiddos an alternative look to concrete jungle Singapore and proof that there's a whole world out there that is ready and willing to interact with you. PHOTOS: PIGSCANFLY PHOTOGRAPHY

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Honda Odyssey EXV
Engine 2356cc, 16v, inline4
Power/rpm 174bhp/6200rpm
Torque/rpm 225Nm/4000rpm
Transmission 7spd CVT
Top Speed 195km/h
0-100km/h 11.5 seconds
Fuel Consumption 7.9l/100km
CO2 187g/km
Availability Kah Motor

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