New McLaren Showroom Opens


New McLaren showroom goes live in Singapore at 5 Leng Kee Road 7th Dec 2015...

4th December 2015, Singapore - Mr. Jolyon Nash, Executive Director for Global Sales & Marketing at McLaren Automotive, will officially open the new home of McLaren Singapore at 5 Leng Kee Road this 7th December. If you've been following the brand since its arrival here in 2012, McLaren used to be under Wearnes Automotive, but has since changed hands – in fact, a special showcase of the 570S, 650S and 675LT during the 2015 Singapore F1 Night Race officially 'outed' the Eurokars Group as the new stewards of the brand. In the very near future, highlights include the  570S from the 'Sports Series', as well as the hardcore-lightweight 675LT from the 'Super Series'.


The 915 square-metres state-of-the-art facility includes sales, after-sales and customer lounge. Accordint to Mr. Nash, “The Asia Pacific region has provided significant growth for our global business, with the vibrant city of Singapore always representing a core element of our worldwide strategy. From our celebrations during Formula 1 season, to the arrival of our latest automotive creations such as the 570S and 675LT, Singapore will remain at the heart of McLaren activities in this region. With a strong audience discerning in their taste for innovation, quality, and exclusivity, we will provide nothing less than the best driver’s experience for our longstanding customers here.”


Mr. Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman for McLaren Singapore, reaffirms this, "2015 has been a landmark year for us, having commenced our fruitful relationship with McLaren Automotive. The industry saw McLaren rev their engines with the groundbreaking McLaren Sports Series 570S and the track-focused McLaren 675LT. We are now very proud to officiate the long-awaited McLaren Singapore showroom which will house McLaren's full range of high-performance supercars, and we are very excited for the upcoming year ahead."

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