Shell’s next-gen petrol station is here

And it is far more than just a fuel-stop

Earlier today, Shell launched its first ‘Shell Station Of The Future’ petrol station and while it sounds lofty and far-off, it’s actually quite grounded and aimed at giving a wider range of services to everyone, not just drivers. 

First things first, what exactly is so futuristic about this particular petrol station?

In light of Shell’s Make The Future campaign to prevent global warming, the new petrol kiosk (except for its car washing services) runs mainly on its Rainwater Harvesting system.

According to Shell, the water collected is used to water their green walls and the flushing of toilets, and is projected to save more than a million litres of water per year.

Located on 9 Tampines Avenue 2 S(529731), East-siders (West-siders, hold your horses) will get the chance to experience the future of Shell with a broadened range of activities available for everyone. That’s right, you don’t need to be a motorist to enjoy these amenities. In fact, the station caters to cyclists, residents and even passers-by looking for a quick recharge.

What’s new for us motorists? Unlike many existing car wash bays, the wash area at the new Shell station is brightly-lit with glass tunnel walls that take in natural light throughout the day.

Aside from from regular cleaning services on site, Shell AutoServ (among its 22 outlets islandwide) has secured itself a spot, to offer maintenance and repair services ranging from brake and battery services, and even a change of tyres.

Question is, do we get more fuel for the same price? Unfortunately, not. But we do get to live a little longer with Shell’s Stage II Vapour Recovery petrol nozzles. That makes a pretty fair deal, yes? Unlike our typical petrol dispensers, these nozzles inhale the smell of petrol vapour on our behalf, in turn reducing hydrocarbon emissions into the environment.

What’s in it for cyclists then? Shell wants them to “Take A Brake” – and Shell means this quite literally. The first ever bicycle bay in a petrol station in Singapore, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes quite crowded. Cyclists will have full access to bicycle repair tools, an air pump, and rest areas at the bay. Residents in the neighbourhood will also be able to park their bicycles at the bay overnight.

What else is new? Fast-foodies, here’s your chance to grab a quick (guilty) bite. Coming in as the 16th Drive-Thru outlet in Singapore, McDonald’s also has takeaway-kiosk that’s open to foot-traffic There will also be a Singpost Pop-Station for those who need small parcels and e-shopping deliveries made.

Author: TopGear
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