The Pagani Zonda just won't die... and we're fine with that! [news]

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Meet the Pagani Zonda 'Fantasma Evo', a ludicrously cool addition to the Zonda canon

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Like a villain from an early Unchartered video game, or a Call of Duty zombie, the Pagani Zonda appears to be indestructible. Of course, the Pagani Zonda isn’t a villain, despite its villainously cool looks.

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Especially this one. It’s called the Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo (‘Fantasma’ being the Italian word for Ghost - eat your heart out Rolls-Royce), and is the latest in an increasingly long line of one-off, special edition Zondas we’ve been treated to over the years. And it is certainly a treat.

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Though details are sketchy on this one, rumours are this is in fact an older Zonda F, which was later converted to the 760-spec - that’s 760bhp from an AMG-sourced 7.3-litre V12 and all sorts of astonishing noisy goodness. To this we add aero, and the roof scoop/rear-wing setup from what looks like the Zonda R/Revolucion.

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More recently, the story goes it was given a manual six-speed box along with other undisclosed things to complete the ‘Evo’ part of its name.

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Whatever the rumour, it looks absurdly good, and reminds us just why the Zonda remains our favourite motoring zombie.

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