Marvel at the world’s first Tesla Model S Shooting Brake


Carbonfibre specialist finishes a P90D with a really big boot

In the super-niche world of Tesla Model S Shooting Brakes, we have our first finished entrant. This is QWest’s effort: a production-ready Tesla Shooting Brake.

And doesn’t it look mighty? QWest, a Norfolk-based coachbuilder that specialises in carbonfibre, will fully launch the car later this year at the London Motor Show. We’re told the base car is a P90D – a spec you can’t actually buy any more – replete with a 90kWh battery.

To this base the company deploys said carbonfibre specialism to configure a significantly larger boot area – 210 litres larger than standard – without impacting the car’s acceleration. So that’s still 0-100km/h in some 2.8s.


It’s actually lighter than the standard P90D too by 12kg, because of all that carbonfibre. It’s strong and light, don’t forget. Won’t tip it under two tonnes (the standard car weighs around 2,100kg), but every little helps.

You can see the whole thing up close, if you’re in London between 17-20 May and near the ExCel Arena. 


Author: TopGear
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