A two-tone Nissan 370Z marks 50 years of Z cars

By topgear, 19 April 2018

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Nissan's very, very elderly 370Z sportscar pays tribute to a Japanese veteran

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The Nissan 370Z is old. Really old. In sportscar terms, it’s prehistoric. The 370Z was revealed way back in 2008 -; 11 years ago, history fans -; and was basically a thorough update and restyle of the 350Z sportscar. Which dated back to 2003. Apparently Henry VIII had one, in orange.

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Nissan’s burly rear-wheel-drive V6 coupe is still going -; if not strong -; and it’s stuck around long enough to pay tribute to its great-great-grandad. Meet the Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition, which marks a whole five decades since Nissan’s predecessor Datsun first revealed the 240Z. That’s the genesis of Nissan’s sportscar heritage.

The two-tone livery pays homage to a particularly famous 240Z, namely the #46'Brock Racing Enterprises’ Datsun that driver John Morton drove to several overall wins in America’s premier sportscar racing series, the SCCA National Championships.

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The car’s rear wing has been binned to enhance the retro look, but beyond the livery, the Alcantara material inside and the plaques, this is a standard 370Z, good for 332bhp and 0-100km/h in 5.3secs. You get a limited-slip diff, a 6spd manual gearbox with a rev-blipper, or you can option in a 7spd auto if you’re slightly odd.

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It’s good of Nissan to pay tribute to the 240Z. The two-forty is a landmark car for Japan, and a cracking classic buy to this day. But this party guest also reminds us just how old the 370Z is these days.

Surely it’s time for a new baby-brother to the GT-R, by now?

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