What do you make of this all-electric adventure bike?

By topgearsingapore, 14 June 2022

What do you make of this all-electric adventure bike?

If you’re desperate to get in on the adventure bike act but would really like said bike to be powered by electricity, your options are more than a little limited right now. There’s the interestingly-named Zero Black Forest, but that’s where our alternatively-powered off-road two-wheeler knowledge ends.

Or at least it did until we saw the above. That’s the Patagonia, built by a Spanish startup known as OX Motorcyles. It’s available in green or gold and gets a rear-mounted 15bhp motor, a 110km/h top speed and a claimed 100km of range. Not exactly going to get you off-grid then, is it? Not unless you’re starting at barely-on grid. 

Anyway, it looks fantastic. There’s 14-litre saddle bags, proper off-roady tyres and an LED headlight up front. It’s actually based on the road-going OX One, but here there’s 60mm more suspension travel, a more upright riding position and a longer wheelbase for a little more stability on the rough stuff.

It does share the One’s removable battery though, which is a 72-volt unit that can be fully-charged from any home socket in five hours.

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