Change Our Mind : the Genesis G90 has the best wheels of any new car

By topgear, 16 June 2020

Wheel design is a subjective subject, we know that. And yet, we can confidently tell you that the Genesis G90 sedan has the best-looking alloy wheels of any new car on sale today.

This was brought to our attention recently when the G90 won the New England Motor Press Association’s Winter Sedan of the Year award. Okay, okay – that may not sound like the most prestigious accolade out there, but just check out the accompanying press shot above. Those retro basket weave wheels look absolutely mega.

There are other great wheels out there, of course – Merc’s monoblocks on the AMG GT 4-door spring to mind, as do Alpina’s classic multi-spokes and the carbon options offered by Renault and Ferrari - but for a completely new design on a new car, Genesis has worked wonders.

The wheels in question are a sensible 19-inches too – not too big that they’d shatter the ride-quality on your Korean Maybach rival, but not too small that they look like castors on a six-seat corner sofa. Goldilocks would be proud.

So, come on then Internet, is there a better manufacturer-supplied wheel on sale today? We don’t reckon there is.

STORY Greg Potts

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