Fill your day with the sound of a 1,200hp Corvette

By topgear, 06 April 2020

Star jumps, push ups, jogging on the spot… there are many ways humans are able to keep themselves active during the coronavirus lockdown. Cars? Why, strap thine aluminium-intensive chassis to a dyno and let rip.

And thus, ladies and gentlemen, allow us to help fill your day – and there’s a lot of it now – with glorious noise. It is the noise of Hennessey’s modified C8 Corvette on the dyno.

Before we get to the noise itself, some details. Hennessey Performance Engineering’s mods for the new ‘Vette include forged aluminium pistons and forged steel connecting rods, working in tandem with a “specially designed twin-turbo system”.

Which means HPE is anticipating some 1,200hp. That’s quite a lot more than you get out of a regular Corvette. There’s an upgraded dual-clutch gearbox to better harness that power. Pray for the rear tyres, though – they don’t stand a chance.

Elsewhere, HPE will offer up a carbonfibre body kit, bigger, beefier Brembo brakes, and adjustable Penske suspension.

‘Chief horsepower evangelist’ (great title) John Hennessey added: “The customers are telling us what they want, and big surprise – they want more power.”

Want to hear what that power sounds like? Hit play, turn it up loud and enjoy.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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