Gaze in wonder at this astonishing BMW CSL render

By topgear, 07 April 2020

Vehicle artist Khyzyl Saleem recently posted how the IMSA 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ is “one of the most beautiful racecars ever created”.

It is this that inspired his render of a road-going version, and we’d proffer that this is one of the finest, most lust-worthy BMW renders ever created.

Story Vijay Pattni
Images Khyzyl Saleem

You know the CSL’s history, especially the IMSA version. BMW’s then motorsport director Jochen Neerspach was tasked with developing a factory team to run the CSL in the States (it had, after all, won a European Touring Car championship and class win at Le Mans before). Long story short, it worked. Tremendously.

Almost as tremendously as this render works.

Look at the gri… nope, not going there. Let’s just say this is pretty much perfect.

Side-exit exhausts, BBS wheels, huge rear wing. Check, check and very check.

To paraphrase 1989’s Batman (what, you thought we’d go a whole article without referencing it?), it wants you to do it a favour. It wants you to tell all your friends about it.

Those toys. Where does he get those wonderful toys?

On a scale of ‘I must have it immediately’ to ‘really, I must have it immediately’, we’re guessing you’re at ‘no, seriously, I must have it immediately’?

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