Peugeot is restoring and selling old 205 GTIs

By topgear, 19 October 2020

Anyone around here heard of a ‘205 GTI’? Peugeot has made a big announcement that it plans on restoring and selling this ‘iconic 205 GTI’, but truth be told, we have never heard of it.

Never experienced its driving manners, nor marvelled at its power-to-weight ratio, nor appreciated its 1.9 (and 1.6 don’t forget) four-pot, naturally-aspirated engine, nor reflected on its lift-off-oversteery-nature. Nada. Apparently some say this is the greatest hot hatch ever made. Surely if that was true everyone would’ve been boring on about it for decades…

This news then, is a bit… niche. Peugeot explains how it plans on kickstarting this new programme with a restoration of a 1.9-litre ‘205 GTI’, finished in black. Peugeot museum craftspeople will apply their considerable knowledge on this downright obscure little hatchback, bringing it back up to ‘like-new condition’.

Peugeot has already sourced the necessary spare parts for this venture, and will use subcontractors for missing items, and 3D manufacturing for those that simply can’t be found anymore. 

Do you own a ‘205 GTI’? Is it in sub-optimal condition? You can request a quote and have Peugeot do all the hard lifting for you. Perhaps you want to own a ‘205 GTI’? Is your bank balance in an optimal condition? Bookmark this link, when from 2021 Peugeot will showcase and sell these ‘unique vehicles’.

Still no idea, sorry. Do you guys out there remember the 205 GTI? Anyone?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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