Pretend you’re faster than a 765LT with this widebody 720S

By topgear, 10 March 2020

It’s not yet been a week since McLaren revealed the 765LT. The 765LT is a firmer, faster, even angrier-looking version of the terrifyingly fast 720S. And yet, here we are, looking at news of an even more furious looking version.

This is not, however, a product of Woking. Welcome to the McLaren 720S by Prior Design. The result of a German modding outfit looking at a 720S and thinking ‘ja, gut, but what if there was MORE… everyzing?’

More of everything except power. Prior Design doesn’t turn up the 720hp bi-turbo V8. What it does instead is add bodywork. Six-part wheelarch flares, a giant wing atop the (presumably disabled) active spoiler, a bigger diffuser, plus a splitter that’ll slice the tops off speed bumpers so you don’t have to spec a nose-lift. Probably.

Only 10 of these kits will be built, so only 10 720S will ever be, erm, afflicted. It’ll be a lot rarer than a 765LT, then. Enough to make you want one?

STORY Ollie Kew

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