Should Toyota build a Gazoo Racing GR GT 86 convertible?

By topgear, 08 April 2021

Here is an unofficial render of the new Toyota GR 86 minus its metal roof. The GT86’s regeneration was revealed a few days ago, a 235hp twin to the latest Subaru BRZ, and proof Toyota’s Gazoo Racing brand is happy to slap its badges on something without a turbocharger. Hurrah!

But will we ever see a GR cabrio? There was an open-top concept of its GT86 predecessor way back in 2013, one we can still scarcely believe didn’t make production. It looked as good as ready, with a folding fabric roof and the coupe’s back seats kept in place.

X-Tomi Design has done us a favour by electronically imagining what a GR 86 version would look like via the illustration above. But given past form, this is likely about as real as this car will ever be, if we had to place our bets. Reckon that’s a shame?

STORY Stephen Dobie
IMAGE X-Tomi Design

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