Stare at these retro-liveried Porsche Taycans

By topgear, 13 March 2020

“It takes all of about three minutes driving a Taycan to realise that Porsche has permanently altered what people who love conventional cars will think of electric cars.

“Porsche has been threatening to make a genuinely beautiful sedan for years, and it might just have achieved it this time. The wide-track stance and sense that the bodywork has been melted over the wheels is stunning.”

That’s just a snippet of what we said about the Porsche Taycan as it was crowned Top Gear UK magazine’s 2019 Car of the Year in December. So, how on earth could those in Stuttgart improve the thing?

Well, they’ve managed it. Check out those images above. Perhaps the only thing that could have improved the futuristic Taycan was some retro loveliness, and at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance last weekend Porsche gave us just that. 

The three different liveries celebrate Brumos Racing, the Team Salzburg 917K and the Pink Pig 917 respectively. Which is your favourite, Internet?

There’s no news from Porsche yet as to whether these looks will be available on the configurator for us punters to spec, but if we’re honest we’re just happy to look at the pictures and enjoy. More of this please Porsche…

STORY Greg Potts

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