The greatest restomods

By topgearsingapore, 21 June 2021

Most of us car enthusiasts have a soft spot for classic cars. The old cars from yesteryear or maybe even one from a different era. Cars that inspired us when we were kids, cars that ignited our passion and love of automobiles. The stuff of dreams and boyhood bedroom posters. Unfortunately, if you were to look through the classifieds, you’d often find these beloved machines with rusted or rotten bodywork, or in various states of disrepair. What happens then?

Enter, the restomod. Oftentimes, lovingly restored and modified with modern components. Ever wanted a classic mustang with a modern powertrain? Or a classic 911 with a souped-up brake kit? Well, you're in luck, because a handful of companies have taken it upon themselves to restore these fixer-uppers and outfit them with modern components and running gear. All while retaining the classic looks and proportions of the cars we so adore. But be warned, these cars can run you up a pretty penny. But to be fair, you can’t put a price on art. Here are some of the finest.

Singer Vehicle Design’s Porsche 911

Singer Vehicle Design is a Californian-based company that’s been fettling with 964-generation Porsches to produce what the company has taken to calling the "Porsche restored and reimagined by Singer”. These Singer 911s are built with modern components and a free-breathing naturally aspirated flat-six engine. Period correct looks, improved with 21st-century parts. However, these lovingly crafted cars do cost quite a fair bit of money. Take, for instance, the car you see pictured above, the Singer 'Dynamics and Lightweighting Study’. Probably the very finest air-cooled Porsche 911 ever built. This one will set you back a cool US$1.8 million.

Eagle Lightweight GT

Remember the Eagle Speedster? That beautiful Jaguar E-Type style roadster with reworked panels and a thumping great 4.7-litre straight-six that sounds (in Jeremy Clarkson’s words) like a spitfire. How about the Eagle Low Drag GT? Well, the boffins at Eagle have made this lovely restomod too: The Eagle Lightweight GT. This is a bespoke, lightened and more powerful version of the car on which it's based on. And she is a beauty, 1,017 kilos of sixties bodywork and modern components. If only we could afford it...

Alfaholics GTA-R

This car you see here used to be a 105-Series Alfa Romeo. Used to. But now it’s been lightened with carbon body panels, has a re-bored engine (2.0-litres to 2.3) and weighs in at just 830kg. Each one of these Alfaholics GTA-Rs’ takes over 3000 man-hours to finish. But despite that, it is actually the cheapest restomodded car on this list.

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