The Porsche 914 is being recreated using a Cayman S

By topgear, 02 March 2021

It’s not yet another Porsche 911, at least. This is a Porsche 914, recreated using lots of modern technology and a fair smattering of witchcraft by UK carmaker Fifteen Eleven Design.

Yes, it’s another Porsche classic reimagined with modern bits. The mid-engined roadster will feature the engine and 6spd gearbox from the second-generation… mid-engined Porsche Cayman S.

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That amounts to 3.4 litres and just under 300hp of flat-six goodness. There’s a bespoke, lightweight stainless-steel exhaust setup, and the Cayman also donates its suspension architecture to the 914 project, augmented by adjustable coilovers and massive Brembo brakes.

The design takes in wide carbonfibre body panels, LED headlights and ‘Moby Dick’ style driving lights, a targa roof and even an adjustable rear ducktail spoiler. You can spec it as either left-hand-drive or RHD, and each seat is a Recaro bucket, surrounded by lots of leather.

“All too often we hear of graphic renders being produced with no intention of being built,” explains Fifteen Eleven boss Chris Mellors on these new renders, “but here at Fifteen Eleven Design all our efforts are put into making sure any concepts are carried through to completion.”

Indeed, the company points to its earlier efforts in prepping a 1934 Millie Miglia MG K3 for Goodwood, building a Ford Escort Mk1 Speedster with a V6, and restoring a 1962 Maserati 3500 GT.

“Our vision is to recreate classic cars into modern-day restorations which anyone would be proud to drive and the Porsche 914 will be just that,” Mellors added. “It has an impressive specification that should address the pitfalls of the original, whilst giving owners many technological advantages of today’s engineering and manufacturing processes.”

Fifteen Eleven wants to see this concept finished this year, so watch this space…

STORY Vijay Pattni

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