Your Porsche Taycan can now be a Pink Pig tribute

By topgear, 18 September 2020

Porsche has long done the best colours in the sports car business. And the best names for colours, too. Viper Green is a treat both in the metal and on paper.

So, welcome to Frozen Berry. The latest in a handful of new colours for the Taycan electric car, it’s a rare thing in planet car – an optional colour that doesn’t cost a single penny.

They say ‘Frozen Berry’, we say ‘pink’. But much like the mighty Rubystone Red from the 964-gen Porsche 911 – also pink – we’re really digging it. If you love the Pink Pig Porsche 917 racecar, you’ll also love this. Even if it is electric. And not eligible for 24 hours of lapping around La Sarthe.

It’s not the only new colour to join the Taycan palette, either. There’s also Coffee Beige, Mahogony and Neptune Blue – aka brown, purpley brown and, um, blue – among others.

They’re available across the range, but you naturally want to spec the 21in Mission E Design wheels like those standard on the Turbo S pictured above, with your newly bold colour wrapped around the inside. And don’t try telling us otherwise.

STORY Stephen Dobie

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