Gallery: the cars of McLaren's Special Operations division

By topgear, 12 August 2015

It's purple. Well, officially, McLaren calls it a 'uniquely formulated Mauvine Blue', but really, it's purple. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a specially customised, purple McLaren 570S, and it'll be displayed at this weekend's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

There's more. Alongside this purple 570S, there'll also be a 'Ventura Orange' 570S Coupe sat on the Pebble Beach lawn, and the 650S 'Le Mans' edition we told you about earlier this year.

It's a reminder for the world – some kind of automotive, purple, orange and roof-scooped flare – that Woking has a department full of human beings ready to customise your McLaren supercar to the nth degree.

Remember, McLaren's 'Special Operations' division was launched in 2011 to 'provide a bespoke personalization service for McLaren customers'. Which means anything from carbon fibre gearshift paddles, special paint, your own special edition McLaren (remember the one-off, polarising X-1 concept?), the P1 GTR programme or just maintenance for your F1 road car.

With McLaren showing off two new examples of the MSO at Pebble this year, we've decided to trawl through its back catalogue of exclusive, limited edition stuff, and we implore you to have a look and cast your opinions below.

Tell us, what would your ultimate, bespoke McLaren look like?

McLaren MP4-12C

The car that officially kicked off MSO way back in 2011. Too orangey for crows.

McLaren X-1

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and an aubergine. No, really.

McLaren 12C

One-off McLaren 12 in orange and black. Nicknamed 'The Jaffa Cake'. By us and no one else.

McLaren '50' 12C Spider

A 12C Spider with new styling and spec enhancements, this celebrated McLaren's 50th anniversary. Better than a cake.

McLaren 650S Spider

Bespoke 650S inspired by MSO concept, designed in collaboration with Frank Stephenson

McLaren 650S Coupe

Commissioned by the McLaren Paris retailer, one-off 650S gets contrast pearl white and gloss black finish

McLaren P1 in Gulf livery

It's a P1 in Gulf livery. That is all.

McLaren P1 inspired by Alain Prost

A P1 GT-R liveried in honour of former McLaren racer Alain Prost

McLaren 650S

650S Coupe gets carbonfibre upgrades and special black paint with metallic red flakes. And, apparently, the ability to turn tarmac to MOLTEN LAVA

McLaren 650S Spider

One-off 650S Spider. Very blue

McLaren P1 by MSO

One-off McLaren P1. Because, y'know, the normal McLaren P1's just too common, innit?

McLaren P1 by MSO

Special one-off P1 commissioned by David Kyte. Yep, it's blue with red highlights. Discuss

McLaren P1 by MSO

A P1 in 'Darth Maul' spec. We suspect this is not its official designation

McLaren P1 by MSO

Bespoke P1 provides further evidence of Jaffa Cake obsession within MSO

McLaren P1 by MSO

Ah, the lesser-spotted 'inverse Jaffa Cake'

Bespoke Mercedes-McLaren SLR

MSO also took a crack at the old Merc-McLaren SLR, too. This one looks a little' wonky, no?

McLaren F1

MSO will service and maintain your old McLaren F1. You DO have a McLaren F1, right?

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