A Touch Of Time

Tissot Sailing Touch T056 420 17 016 00 GL

Control time with your fingers with Tissot’s range of T-Touch watches.

Tissot’s range of T-Touch watches brings a world of technology and expertise to the wrist of each wearer. Across a range of specialist T-Touch watches, the multi- function abilities of the brand come alive with just one touch of the dial’s screen. An increased focus in catering to the sportsman and sportswoman by making a host of functions an integral part of these timepieces, Tissot has successfully incorporated an eclectic fusion of form and function into each T-Touch model for both him and her.

[Tissot's range of T-Touch watches is featured in issue 23 of TopGear Singapore]

Gerald Yuen
Author: Gerald Yuen
Gerald is a writer for TopGear Singapore. The die-hard fan of stick-shifts like to indulge in fun, rather than fast cars. He can be seen sifting through classifieds for old school pocket rockets on his off day.