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The stripped-down lightweight Racing Manual provides an entry into the world of Armin Strom

In motorsports, the other way of achieving better performance after you’re done tweaking the engine is to lighten the car. Of course, if you’re Porsche, you can get away by charging more in a car that has theoretically ‘less’, as its focused RS models have effectively been stripped of all their frills, yet cost more than the regular variants. However, even Porsche can’t get away with only selling its motorsports-honed road-going models. Purists felt the brand was selling out when it announced the Cayenne; the Panamera quickly followed and we’re at the dawn of a new era for the brand, as the mid-sized Macan SUV promises to bring the ‘Porsche’ badge to the ‘masses’ – in the figurative sense, of course – since it is these mass market models that ultimately fund the ‘fun’ stuff for the enthusiasts.

Limited to just 50 pieces, the Racing Manual intends to give fans of the brand an entry-point into the world of Armin Strom’s ‘Racing’ collection. The Racing Manual bears all the familiar hallmarks of the brand, that is, the off-centred time indication, open-worked nicely embellished dial, complete with bridges that are hewn from the original engine block of a F1 race-car.

The 43mm case is crafted from a beguiling mix of titanium and PVD-treated steel. At its heart beats a self-winding calibre AMW11-MR, which boasts a five-day power reserve. A gorgeous hornback alligator strap is matched to the Racing Manual, although a rubber strap is also available if you’re going for a more sporty look. Also limited to 50 pieces, the other model in the Racing collection to feature bits from the F1 car’s engine block is the Racing Gravity. Animated by the brand’s self-winding calibre AMR13-MR, the timepiece features a five-day power reserve. There’s even more open-worked goodness with the Gravity, as one can appreciate the inner workings of the self-winding movement. The carbonfibre-weave strap is a fitting match to the timepiece.

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Gerald Yuen
Author: Gerald Yuen
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