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We talk to Fabrice Pougez to find out why MATwatches is a rising force to be reckoned with

There are military-inspired watches and then there are military watches – one only looks the part, while the other plays the part. For the latter, a high level of operational robustness and reliability is demanded, since the very men and women who are serving and protecting the nation in all their different functions need to know they can place their faith in their timepieces to co-ordinate life-death manoeuvres.

With MATwatches, it’s never about the fancy movements or fine decoration, since these things aren’t particularly high on the priority list of the members of RAID, short for Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion, a special-ops counter-terrorist tactical unit of the French National Police, or any form of the military for instance. But a little bit more about the 40-something MATwatches owner, Monsieur Fabrice Pougez, first. He certainly likes his cars and has enjoyed the services of an older model Audi S6. He likes the surge of adrenaline that comes with fast cars, referring to it as a feeling of something strong for men – very much like MATwatches.

He served active service with the Paris Fire Brigade, and his main market is still the military, specifically the French special forces from both the police and the army. He understands the culture of the armed forces and knows how to communicate with them; most importantly, he know what they are looking for in a watch.

[Read more about MATwatches in #27 of TopGear Singapore. For more information, call E’Collezione: + 65 6737 3820]

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