Acura Ascendant: Return of the Acura NSX

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Acura's long-anticipated NSX uncovered at 2015 North American International Auto Show...

It's about bl**dy time, we think – after all, we'd already seen teaser after teaser in the run-up to its momentous unveiling at the NAIAS in Detroit. We'd have thought the guys at the Tokyo Auto Salon would be the lucky ones (they got to see the NSX-GT race-car instead, which is powered by a turbo'd racing hybrid four-pot), but the road-going NSX's debut in the US of A can probably be attributed to the fact that Acura/Honda's 'next generation' mid-engine sports hybrid supercar is developed and produced in the USA.

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"Our commitment was to create an all-new NSX that is true to the heritage of NSX—a supercar that delivers a new driving experience, one where every part of the vehicle is respectful of the smartest part of the car, the driver," said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager of the Acura division. "The soul of a car is the emotional connection it makes with the driver. With the NSX, that connection will be intense and immediate."

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The development of this NSX was the result of a clean sheet design, which involved nearly three years of intensive development effort by a global design and engineering team led by engineers at the company's development center in Raymond, Ohio.

"The NSX reflects Acura's American roots and makes a powerful statement about the strong role being played by our North American operations in envisioning and building the future of Acura," said Erik Berkman, executive vice president of the Acura Business Planning Office.

"Our global team embraced the challenge to create a new sports car experience, leveraging new technology to deliver incredibly vivid performance in a vehicle that responds intuitively and immediately to the will of the driver," said Ted Klaus, chief engineer and global development leader of the new NSX. "The NSX delivers pinnacle supercar performance, with zero-delay acceleration and exhilarating, confidence-inspiring driving dynamics."

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At the heart of the NSX resides an all-new mid-mounted twin-turbo'd V6 mated to an Acura-developed 9spd Dual Clutch Transmission. To further lower its centre of gravity, the V6 employs a race-inspired compact valve train and dry sump lubrication system. The rear direct-drive electric motor, housed between the engine and transmission, supports acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance, with its front wheels driven by twin independent high-output electric motors that deliver instantaneous torque response and dynamic left-to-right torque distribution.

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In keeping with the legacy of the original, which held the honour of being the world’s first all-aluminum supercar, the new model features an innovative multi-material body design with cutting-edge material applications and production processes: An internal frame is constructed of aluminum, ultra-high strength steel and other advanced materials. Anchored by a carbonfibre floor, torsional and bending forces are taken up entirely by this ultra-rigid structure that also showcases advanced joining technologies.

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At time of writing, we're told the cost image of the NSX in the USA is pitched squarely in Audi R8 V10 territory. We'll let that sink in for awhile...

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