A tuner has built a bright orange, 818hp BMW M5

Carbonfiber Dynamic's potent Beemer packs more power than a Ferrari F12tdf. Yikes

How much is too much? When you have what you need - need, not want - then anything over that is too much, right? Case in point, this bright orange, tuned BMW M5. It’s the work of the good folks over at Carbonfiber Dynamics.

As any self-respecting human being will attest, 550hp is but a mere lawnmower in the world of performance tuning. No, what you need from your V8-engined super-saloon is yet more power; more power than a Ferrari F12tdf. 

At this stage, the only technical information provided for this ludicrously orange tuned BMW M5 is the fact that the twin-turbos have been upgraded and a new exhaust system has been fitted. We also suspect there has been more work on the ECU too, to boost the M5’s already quite potent V8 to 818bhp.

That’s good enough, says Carbonfiber Dynamics, for a 0-200km/h time in just ten seconds. We’re also promised much noise; specifically, “a sport and electrifying sound”. Mmm.

Then comes the orange. It appears all of the orange available on planet earth has been harnessed for this M5. It’s actually ‘Fire Orange’, which is the same hue as the old M3 GTS (a bit of a Top Gear hero), and you will spot the many carbonfibre additions on this monster Bee-Em: a new front lip, side sills, and a new spoiler. Then come 21in Vossen wheels and again, a bit more orange.

No price, but if you have to ask, etc. If you like the carbonfibre bits, the tuner says it’s also a kit available for the M4 and M6, lest the other members of the M family miss out.

Weirdly, we kinda like it. Perhaps we’ve been looking at that paint for too long. So tell us: is anything more powerful and raucous than what M Division makes from its own factory just too much?

Author: TopGear
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