Hyundai Motor Squad takes on Singapore roads for a special cause

Hyundai hits the streets to welcome the festive season, and with a mission.

In efforts to bring the Hyundai showroom experience out to the masses, Hyundai Motor squad will be out on Singapore roads from 10am to 7pm daily till 4th December 2016. A roving convoy of a 24-feet mobile truck and six of Hyundai’s iconic models can be spotted at weekend on-site events and along different locations across the island. But it isn’t merely a drive pass for the fleet. In fact, the convoy's task is also to share and educate the consumers on Hyundai's first hybrid technology - the IONIQ.

The truck acts as a mini laboratory where consumers can discover the IONIQ's technology through video clips, or put on the ergonomically designed Samsung Gear VR for an interactive experience of the IONIQ technology. Part of the educational process also allows for the public to fully understand IONIQ’s fuel-efficiency and performance aspects.  

Available in three different powertrains: Electric, Plug-in Electric and Hybrid, the IONIQ is the much-awaited product from Hyundai that will join in the global call of eco-friendly cars. The first available option for Singapore will be the Hybrid version, which is powered by a combine engine that works on battery and petrol.

During the course, customers are given opportunities to test drive the different cars on display. The public can also expect to see vibrantly decked out Hyundai zipping around Vivo City on the 19th and 20th of November.



Author: TopGear
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