This is what a Jaguar I-Pace RS would look like

Ignore how silly an I-Pace RS would be: this unofficial render looks mega

Last week, the Los Angeles motor show was somewhat stolen by the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s a 394hp all-electric SUV to take the fight to the Tesla Model X, but it does so with arguably much sharper looks, more heritage, and perhaps a better idea of what ‘luxury’ is.

We like it. Lots of you lot do, too. But what might excite us even more is an even faster one. Enter the I-Pace RS, the concept car given the full XFR-S design treatment in an unofficial render by X-Tomi Design.

Quite what would lie beneath such a design is entirely a mystery. Bigger electric motors for an extra couple of hundred horsepower? Or a ditching of efficient power altogether, in favour of a dirty old V8?

We suspect a production version of this is unlikely. The complications of marketing a gratuitously high-performance car like this, when it’s launched with eco credentials, would be large. Doesn’t stop us thinking it looks ace, though. Do you agree?

Author: TopGear
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