Volvo V90: All-new Swedish police car

The V90 as a police car? The Swedish certainly know what they’re doing..

The rumours are true. Word is out. The Swedish police have decided to use the all-new V90 estate as a police car, and the very first delivery will take place early next year. 

Scoring 9.2 out of 10 in Sweden’s highest demanding driving test, the all-new V90 will not only come fully equipped with all necessary tools and communication equipment, but with a chassis now stronger and more dynamic. To meet the specific demands of police forces, the transformation, which includes brakes and suspension upgrades lasted about a week and was done at Volvo Car’s special manufacturing facility in Torslanda, Sweden.

But what really constitutes to the demands of the Swedish police? The test focuses on five areas: a brake test, an obstacle course, evasive action tests with and without braking, and high speed emergency driving.

The final test protocol on the V90 prepared by Swedish police test drivers concludes that “Overall, it is difficult to find any faults at all. The chassis, steering, suspension, traction control and powertrain all show exemplary performance. Quick lane changes at high speeds feel almost deceptively easy, the car does what it is told to do and shakes off lateral forces without any protest.”

The V90 will be made available to any interested police forces around the globe. 

Author: TopGear
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