New BMW M2 Convertible released!*

*Kinda. Helpful aftermarket tuners do what BMW won’t

The BMW M2 is one of our favourite cars this year. And it seems that it’s the darling of more than a few aftermarket tuning houses as well. 

You may have seen Evolve’s homage to the mighty GTS, which we think is excellent, but what happens if you want all the performance of the M2, but need 10,000 miles of headroom?

That’s where Swiss tuners Dähler Design and Technik come in. What you see isn’t a factory model (although it looks as well put together as one), rather a 2 Series convertible that’s been down at the gym and has come back with tremendous biceps and an exceptionally short temper. 

This means, thankfully, that Dähler hasn’t hacked up any factory M2 coupes, but has instead engineered M2 looks – and, more importantly, M2 speed – into a regular 240i. 

It’s available in two stages of tune, each with more poke than a standard M2. Dähler’s clearly not concerned about overshadowing big brother M4, then. 

Predictably, keeping all of this under control requires gargantuan 16in brake discs with eight-piston (yes, eight) calipers and adjustable coilover suspension. 

Apart from a few stickers, some interior trim pieces and the horse-cart-sized wheels, Dähler’s M2 convertible looks almost stock. And this is a good thing, because there’s nothing wrong with the way a stock M2 looks – especially with the roof cut off, as it seems.

So, would this combination of power and posing potential sway you out of a factory-made M2 coupe?

Words: Craig Jamieson

Author: TopGear
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