Need a Christmas tree? Get a BMW M3 pick-up...

BMW's lightly commercial Christmas video features E30 M3 drifts. YES.

Still not picked up a Christmas tree? Only five days left, so you’d better hurry if you’re to get a decent tree bought and decorated in time. For that you need a quick car. May we suggest a BMW M3 pick-up.

It’s BMW’s suggestion, actually, in its little video that marks both Christmas and its new M Division website (because what is Christmas without the need to shift some products?)

In it, we see the man of the house (how stereotyped) head out to buy the tree for his family. He takes the prototype E30 M3 pick-up that’s inexplicably outside their house. It’s snowing, so why woudn’t you take a light, powerful rear-wheel-drive car with not enough weight over the back axle?

Watch the clip above to see what happens, then recap on the utter splendour of the 200bhp E30 M3 ute right here. Forget the tree, we just want one of these for Christmas…

STORY Stephen Dobie

Author: TopGear
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