Check out this BMW Z4 made out of bricks


A BMW Z4 made from bricks and mortar. Think of it as the anti-leggera

What the giddy hell is this?

This, in case in wasn’t already patently obvious, is not your average BMW Z4. It is, and there’s no way around it, a brick sculpture of a moderately interesting German sports car.



Why bricks? We honestly have no idea. And why a BMW Z4? We honestly have no idea. 

But it’s Friday, and you’ve waded through another week. Why not be utterly mystified for a short while to celebrate?


You and I have different ideas on how to celebrate.

That might be so. Ours is probably not worth getting too deep into at this moment.


I don’t know what’s weirder – the car or you lot.

Well, we haven’t kiln-fired a whole bunch of bricks and then sculpted them into the shape of one of the motoring world’s also-rans. So we’d have to concede defeat in the World Weirdness Championship.

Also, if anyone among you is fluent in Mandarin, please let us know what’s written on the numberplate.


Wait. The interior too?

Oh yeah. And notice the reflection in this shot? The sculptor’s even glazed his brick Z4, for the full ‘I can absolutely believe that this isn’t a real car!’ experience. 

Also, can we just say that they missed a golden pun opportunity? Do a brick model of the X6… and call it the X-Bricks!


I think you need some fresh air. Or medical attention.

Yeah. This week’s come down on us like a ton of bricks.


Get. Out.

All right, all right… we’re going.

STORY Craig Jamieson

Author: TopGear
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