Watch the Zenvo TSR-S’s wing do silly things

ZenvoWing copy

Danish supercar takes active aero to new extremes with ‘Centripetal’ wing

We first saw the Zenvo TSR-S at this year’s Geneva Motor Show back in March. Like literally every other low-volume hypercar, it had much power (1,177bhp from a twin-supercharged 5.8-litre V8, for 0-100km/h in 2.8 secs and 330km/h), a shouty carbon-fibre face and a price tag in the millions. But what really caught our attention was its ‘Centripetal Wing’, which you can see in action in this video:

The science behind it is…interesting. In Zenvo’s words: “The name ‘Centripetal’ refers to the centripetal force also known as ‘centre seeking’ force. When in an absolutely horizontal position, a conventional rear wing generates a downforce perpendicular to the horizontal position of the wing: absolute vertical.

“When the centripetal wing tilts away from the absolute horizontal, the downforce stays perpendicular to the plane of the wing thereby generating a centripetal force. This centripetal force reduces the tendency of the rear end to break away - a trait that is inherent for a mid-engine car.”

So what you get is a shape-shifting wing that can flip up like an airbrake, lay flat to reduce drag and – weirdly – tilt in either direction for max downforce. Quite a sight, no? We’ll try and get a go to see if it really works, but in the meantime go read our review of the slightly more sane TS1.

Author: TopGear
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