Jaguar E-Types are now getting the restomod treatment

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Series 3 E-Types are meant to be unloved. But you might love this one

In the world of Jaguar E-Types, there’s always been an unspoken rule: you need a Series 1. That’s the earliest E-Type (obviously) but also the prettiest, with the following two series changing to conform with US regulations. In short, the headlights lost their glass covers and the dainty rear lights grew and dropped beneath the bumper. The shape was still lovely, but some of the fine details had been lost.

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This, though, is a Series 3 that you might just want. The ‘restomod’ movement has seen the previously unloved 964-generation Porsche 911 find a new purpose, and the car you see here suggests the same may happen to later E-Types.

It’s like no Series 3 before it: a company called E-Type UK has given it a 3,000-hour restoration (a whole year’s worth of working-hour days) that’s seen its V12 engine swell from 5.3 to 6.1 litres, allowing it to produce a grand total of 284bhp. Yeah, that’s pretty much what a Hyundai hatchback makes these days, but worry not. A stainless steel exhaust ensures it’ll still sound excellent.

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To help keep all those horses under control, the body’s been strengthened, the steering has been made heavier, there’s adjustable suspension and racing-inspired brakes. There’s a new ‘aerospace-grade’ five-speed manual gearbox and some quite startling 16-inch, 62-spoke alloy wheels that’ll surely be a nightmare to clean.

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Indeed, the restomod ethos is more about the look and feel of a car than outright performance, and this E-Type has a fully bespoke interior with its seats nabbed from the more modern Jag XJS, wrapped in new leather, given heated bases and then mounted lower than is standard in E-Types.

Yep, heated seats. The modern touches don’t stop there, either, with other post-E-Type niceties like Bluetooth, remote central locking and LED running lights all added.

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The car has just been delivered to a customer, though at an undisclosed price. Like what you see? Or would you still like to stay pure and have a standard Series 1?

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