This is a one-off green carbon McLaren Senna

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First Senna in the US is from the mind of legendary car collector Michael Fux

You might not have heard of Michael Fux, but you’ll have seen his cars. See, the American mattress magnate has a thing for bright colours. At last year’s Pebble Beach Concours, we were shown a McLaren 720S and Rolls-Royce Dawn customised by their respective manufacturers with “Fux Fuchsia” paintwork and bright white leather interiors. Not to everyone’s tastes, but we applaud his… creativity.

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And now he’s just taken delivery of his McLaren Senna – the first in the US. Sennas look spectacular whatever their colour, but Fux’s has been customised to the nth degree by McLaren Special Operations. You know, just to make sure. The exposed carbon bodywork, which took almost 1,000 hours to produce, is tinted “Fux Green”, and the interior trimmed in the same white leather as his 720S. All the interior carbon is tinted green too, and the leatherwork stitched with contrast green thread.

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Looks almost too immaculate to drive, doesn’t it? Slowly, let alone in anger on a track. You know, the thing for which the Senna was actually designed. We don’t even want to think about how much this thing cost Mr Fux – but it’s without doubt far, far more than its already hefty RRP.

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dw burnett senna fullsize

Like it? See it in the metal…or carbon, at Pebble Beach Concours.

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