Check out Citroen’s special motion sickness glasses

citroen lance les lunettes seetroen 2

Suffer from travel sickness? Well, this set of specs might help

Can someone please check the diary? It’s not April 1, is it? Because this news from Citroen sure as hell makes it feel like April Fools Day.

See, the quirky French manufacturer has stepped away from producing funky hatchbacks and crossovers for a minute to try and cure an ailment 30 million people suffer from: car sickness.

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It’s all thanks to a bizarre set of glasses – handily called ‘Seetroën’ – that when worn will stop you from feeling woozy, or worse still, blow chunks into the back of the windscreen. Consisting of four rings that wrap around your face (so you look like you’ve stolen a spider’s spectacles) they’re filled with a coloured liquid that wibble-wobbles about to recreate the horizon line to make you feel less sick while driving. Apparently, wearing the specs for 10 to 12 minutes gives your brain enough time to resynchronise the movement perceived by the inner ear while your eyes are focused on a fixed object so you’re less likely to vom over your passenger/in your lap.

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Priced at €99 (est. S$155), they’re not exactly a cheap stocking filler. But if they work, that’s a lot cheaper than a full interior valet. Saying that, we’re pretty sure we could craft our own out of those comical spectacle drinking straws. So, excuse us while we pop down to the Top Gear Technology Centre.

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Author: TopGear
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