McLaren wants to make your Speedtail look tasteful

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One of the lucky 106 speccing a Speedtail? McLaren has some suggestions...

McLaren is making just 106 examples of its 400km/h Speedtail, and even though deliveries won’t start until early 2020, the entire production run is already sold out.

For those 106, though, the fun has aready begun. Each owner has now received their ‘Colours & Materials Inspiration Story’ – essentially the recommended designs from McLaren in a potentially vain attempt to prove that money can sometimes buy taste.

The design team in Woking have created three different collections, in which are a whole range of different concepts that they recommend, with the aim no two Speedtails are the same.

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The first set of designs, known as ‘Urbane’, is perhaps the most understated. As much as that word can ever be applied to a £1.75m hypercar, anyway. In this collection, the ‘Stratosphere’ theme sees the Speedtail finished in full carbon fibre with carbon badges, producing something that would look right at home in Gotham City.

The next collection with a name straight out of the designer’s dictionary is ‘Visionary’. The ‘Astral’ theme is apparently inspired by the UK’s nautical heritage and features a navy-blue leather interior. Quite where the orange exterior colour appears in boating we’re not sure…

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Finally, the ‘Dynamic’ collection brings advice for customers who want to make their 1,036bhp hypercar look as loud as possible. The ‘Bloodline’ theme goes all out on the red (as the name would suggest) and makes that famous middle seat look even more inviting.

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Of course, owners won’t be limited to McLaren’s list of suggestions. Each lucky buyer will have access to the McLaren Special Operations team with an almost limitless array of options available.

So, imagine you are one of the lucky 106, would you stick with a McLaren-recommended design or trust your own eye?

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