Here are the wildest Mansory-modified vehicles from the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

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Here are the highlights from Geneva’s mad Mansory-modded cars

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Mansory Ventatus
After a few years of relative subtlety, Mansory is back freebasing carbon. But the infamous atelier of questionable tuning has gone all in this year. Mainly because there’s some prime, fresh meat to get their hands on and lather in the lightweight black stuff, notably the new Urus, Conti GT and G Class.

First off, the Lamborghini Urus. Given it loves Lamborghinis, and loves SUVs, Mansory is positively priapic about the fact Lamborghini is now making SUVs. This is known as ‘The Ventatus’ – Lambo’s recloaked Audi SQ7 recloaked again but now wearing full carbon bodywork and invasive bodykit. Oh, and 24-inch wheels.

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Mansory Centuria
Ladies and gents, we give you the world’s first tuned Chiron, the Mansory Centuria. And we’re not just talking an ECU flash and air filter. Nope, this is a full going over with gauche carbon work and completely new aero package. You have to be brave (or stupid) to look at Bugatti’s 420km/h, 1,479bhp successor to the Veyron and think that you can engineer it better. But which side of the brave/stupid coin do you think Mansory sits on?

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Mansory Carbonardo
A carbonara: an Italian pasta dish from Rome made with egg, hard cheese, guanciale, and pepper. A Carbonardo: a Mansory Lamborghini Aventador with Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk inspired carbon bodywork, and up to 1,600bhp thanks to twin turbochargers.

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Mansory Billionaire
The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the company’s belated and controversial response to the boom in SUVs. Even if you struggle with the concept of the big, fast, heavy SUV, you can’t argue with the execution here – it’s a Phantom that can off-road. But now it’s been modified and it’s a classic checklist; widebody kit, rear spoiler, even bigger wheels and a roof spoiler. But the engine has also been turned up and the inside is slathered in Billionaire logos and crocodile leather for the inserts, armrests and front seats.

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Mansory Bentley Continental GT
The Bentley Continental GT is a footballist’s car of choice to modify. And now, with the new one and advances in carbon fibre production where it can be mashed together rather than weaved, they can now make the outside of their car look like the inside of their house, specifically, the kitchen as perfectly demonstrated by – you guessed it – Mansory.

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Mansory Star Trooper
A new G-Class is music to the ears of Mansory. As soon as the new generation was announced, we’re sure they were dancing around their carbon fibre offices and popping the carbon fibre corks out of carbon fibre champagne in celebration. And this is their new take on the all-new G. Called the Star Trooper, it’s a bodykitted G63 with what Mansory describes as “50 shades of Grey Camouflage” paint and 850bhp.

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Mansory S63 AMG Cabriolet
If you’re dry-heaving from all this automotive ipecac, here’s the thing that may take you into a full-on vom: a mint choc chip S 63 cabriolet with hundreds and thousands of carbon bodywork and trim sprinkled on top.

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