When 917 meets Concorde... these are the coolest pics you’ll see today

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This is what happens when Porsche’s 917 meets Concorde to celebrate their 50th

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It’s 50 years ago to the day that the technological needle was moved somewhere it had never been before.

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On 9 April 1969, the first British-made Concorde began its maiden flight and opened the door to the world of supersonic commercial travel.

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Back on the ground, that very same month new ground was about to be broken as the very first Porsche 917 began its development.

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That Concorde prototype would go on to complete 438 flights and set loopy speed records. Capable of hitting over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), it was a remarkable sliver of technology.

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Meanwhile, the featherweight (850kg) 917 – with its monster air-cooled 12-cylinder sitting mere centimetres behind the driver’s head and slippery bodywork – would go on to dominate endurance racing, storming through the kink on the Mulsanne at Le Mans at 350km/h.

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Which, considering there was naff all consideration for safety, is terrifying.

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It was also the car that gave Porsche its first outright win at Le Mans in 1970.

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Richard Attwood was at the wheel that day, and he recently took his old company car to meet Concorde and Captain Tim Orchard – joint World Record holder for the shortest time for the flight between New York and London doing the hop across the pond in just two hours and 52 minutes – so they could both swap seats and stories about their epic machines.

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Not a bad show and tell, eh?

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