The world's biggest Viper collection

Every petrolhead has daydreamed their way into a lottery win and been left in the horrendously agonising situation having to decide what cars to spend your imaginary money on. Do you fill your ‘dream garage'with a mixed bag of motoring marques? Or stick to one and have the most amazing selection of a single model in the world? Well let us introduce you to D'Ann and Wayne Rauh, who did both... and not in a daydream.


The Texan couple collectively own over 100 cars, but amazingly, 65 of them are Vipers - the world's largest collection. It was an addiction that started seven years ago, and has led them to own originals from the 90s all the way to the latest SRT Viper with a bit of everything in-between - including a few of the special ones like the mental 640bhp, track-only ACR-X.


D'Ann even owns the last Dodge Viper (before they changed to SRT) to roll off the production line. It's the most customized Viper Dodge ever built and finished in two-tone gold with a unique interior. We think they'd get on well with Gerard Lopez, the owner of 13 per cent of total Viper race car production and another awesome car collection.


So click play to see all 65 V10 brutes in the video above. Then tell us which one's your favourite...




Author: TopGear
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