Jay Z and Kanye West destroy a €280k Maybach

By topgear, 12 August 2011


Jay Zed and his friend Mae West needed a new motorcar for their latest hiphopora video. So they got a standard Maybach 57, some power tools and a welding torch, and created this. We're calling it the Jayzach.

It has no roof. It has colossal Brabus-style wheelarches. It hasn't got doors. Which makes the girls' laissez-faire approach to seatbelt decorum even more reckless.

The song - titled Otis and an ode to the late, great Otis Redding - doesn't include any technical specification, but we assume it's still running the 550bhp V12 (or 630 if it's the S version) and five-speed auto 'box.

But before you skitter off to bust a caps-lock up a homeperson, please tell us this - do you think the 125000-mile warranty is still valid?

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