Koenigsegg's Agera RS has sold out

By topgear, 19 January 2016

Just ten months have passed since the Koenigsegg Agera RS made its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. At the time, the US$1.65m hypercar had already had 11 orders.

Now, we're told the planned production run of just 25 models has all been accounted for. Which means the Agera RS has sold out.

That makes it the quickest selling model in Koenigegg's history, outstripping even the seven examples of the 1,340bhp One:1, a car that has passed down some of its technical nous to the RS.

We're told it has been shipped to markets across the world, including the US, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and of course, the UK.

Need a recap on the RS? It's a harder version of the Agera R, and a sort of diet One:1. There's a 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 on board pumping out 1,160bhp, allowing it to accelerate from 0-300km/h in just 14 seconds.

Oh, and it'll go from 0-400km/h in just 20 seconds. You might surmise, then, that it's a little bit fast.

Over the Agera R, the RS sports lightweight sound insulation, a new track-optimised front splitter, front winglets, side skirts, dynamic underbody flaps, an active rear spoiler with 450kg of downforce at 250km/h, and improved side air outlets behind the front wheels.

Company boss Christian von Koenigsegg said: 'The performance, road feel and responsiveness are truly amazing and the level of technical sophistication is second to none.

'It is a true pinnacle project that has been wholly embraced by our customers and friends,' he said.

Reckon CvK needs to make a few more?

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