KVF Shine, Pomponazzi and PPS preview

By topgearsingapore, 12 April 2014

KVF Shine is the brainchild of Kenny Leo, who is passionate about car aesthetics. 'Cars come at an added premium in Singapore so many car owners look to protect their paintworks as much as possible,' he was quoted saying.
"Instead of 'sacrificing' their mode of transport for 2 to 3 hours for polishing and waxing every 2 months, why not provide a paint protection system that can last for years, saving both cost and time?'
KVF Shine is the exclusive distributorship for Pomponazzi from Korea, touted to be the world's best real quartz paint protection coating, as well as PPS: The world's only patented paint sealant.
Let's start with Pomponazzi. Pomponazzi Real Quartz Melting Coating is the world's number 1 real quartz paint protection system and it is a pure inorganic quartz glass liquid containing Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) with concentrations as high as 75.2 per cent.
It is certified by KOTRIC, a state agency in Korea. It is a mixture of wax, teflon and polymer. Unlike other glass coatings available on the market, it cannot be cleaned or peeled off after application.
Pomponazzi RQMC will protect and shine your car for years without any further coating. After getting in contact with rain, dust and dirt, you can make your car shine immediately just by using water.
The 2 small bottles labelled 880-XX and 880-X are pure inorganic quartz glass liquid composing of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2). The 880-XX is more dense compared to the 880X, which creates a thicker layer of glass coating after application.
The 3 bigger bottles labelled "spray cleaning & coating" and "black label" are multi-purpose cleaning agents that are compatible to the Pomponazzi glass coating. The "spray cleaning & coating" are specially formulated to wash and maintain the glass coating whereas the "black label" is specifically designed for cleaning the car interior such as leather seats and dashboard.
PPS PTFE Teflon Coating is the world's only patented paint sealant and it uses a technology called electrophoresis. It is the chemical application of the 'bar magnet' principle that opposite poles attract. In the practical application, the wash solution (polarizer) opens the pores of the paint and puts a positive charge on the paint. Since the anionic PTFE resins are negatively charged, it is pulled into the pores of the paint. Only PTFE formulated in an anionic aqueous solution can'seal paint, others will have no effect.
PPS PTFE coating actually adds strength to the finished surface to seal out pollutants and keep the vehicle looking "Showroom New". After application, you will see rain water beading and running off the surface of the coating. It has also proven to work in the marine and aviation industry.
Step 1 bottle is a wash solution (polarizer) that opens the pores of the paint and puts a positive charge on it. Step 2 tube which is the paint sealant contains PTFE and is negatively charged, allowing it to be pulled into the pores of the paint, chemically fusing a protective shield to the original paintwork.
Equipped with all the necessary equipment and professionally trained car groomers to properly apply both Pomponazzi and PPS, KVF Shine is confident of achieving extraordinary results for every car. KVF Shine will officially open on 13 April 2014 and is raring to provide the best quality and experience to all car owners.

For inquiries, call +65 67105883, email contact@kvfshine.com or visit them at their Facebook page!

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