Lexus GS F: Fuji Fury

By davidkhoo, 06 January 2015

Lexus GS F 002

Lexus' M5-rival, the GS F, is ready to rumble...

Lexus GS F 003

Due to be revealed in its full glory at the NAIAS 2015 (North America International Auto Show) on January 13th, we enjoy a few choice pictures of Lexus' challenger to the M5, the GS F. Of course, this is not to be confused with the tarted-up 'F Sport' variants, which are generally slightly warmed-up versions of the regular cars.

(Click HERE to read about our GS F drive)

Lexus GS F 004

In the same mold as last generation's IS F and the more recent RC F coupe (which showgoers to this year's Singapore Motorshow will be able to appreciate), the GS F is a fire-breathing version with a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 under its bonnet mated to a quick-shifting 8spd automatic.

The nat-asp V8 is a particularly unique and evocative feature in this day and age given that its main rivals AMG and M have already moved to turbocharged engines... but we're not complaining – turbo trickery may be able to give a car more oomph and power from relatively smaller displacements or even replicate the high-revving traits of a naturally-aspirated engine, but we're dinosaurs who still enjoy the 'big-hearted' feel and natural soundtrack of a big cc engine.

Lexus GS F 001

The engine has been tuned to deliver 467bhp at 7100rpm and 527Nm from 4800-5600rpm, with the brand's TVD (Torque Vectoring Differential) helping the 1830kg car put the performance to effective use. The TVD will feature three driving modes: 1) Standard (default) provides a balance of agility and firmness 2) Slalom emphasises nimble steering response and agility and 3) Track emphasises control during high-speed circuit driving.

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