The Land Rover Defender might be the most dog-friendly new car ever

By topgear, 13 September 2019

As you may have guessed, we’ve spent quite a bit of time this week playing around on the new Land Rover Defender configurator. What’s that? Procrastination? Nooo, this is research, dear friends.

There are many different options - and those four different accessory packs - to choose from, so in theory everyone should be able to build the Defender that perfectly suits their needs.

But what if it’s not all about you? What if you’re lucky enough to own a doggo? A huge 26 per cent of the UK’s population do, so car design for canines should be important to manufacturers.

Also, dogs are the best.

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Luckily Land Rover knows this, because the new Defender has some seriously dog-friendly options. There are three different packs available for your pooch, all serving a different purpose.

Next up is the 'Pet Care and Access Pack', which includes a ramp for your dog. A ramp! This is too cute. There’s also a portable shower so you don’t get muddy paws on your posh, 21st century interior.

For when you’re on the move there’s the 'Pet Transportation Pack'. This adds a foldable pet carrier, a rubber floor mat and a ‘spill resistant water bowl’ – whatever that is.

Expensive yes, but good luck looking your pooch in the eye and telling them you didn’t buy the ramp…

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