The new Lego Fiat 500 has a life-sized counterpart

By topgear, 02 March 2020

If we’re honest, we’re starting to lose track of the number of car-based models that Lego has announced recently. Not that we’re complaining of course, because the little Lego Creator series has been absolutely fantastic.

And now there’s another one to add to your collection – the Creator Expert Fiat 500F.

The 960-piece model of the 1960s icon features a number of moving parts, including a functioning sunroof, an opening bonnet and a luggage-adorned boot with a spare wheel inside.

There’s a detailed interior and engine bay, as we’ve come to expect from Lego, and also a folding easel, an artist’s palette and a ‘painting’ of the car outside the Colosseum. Interesting.

Apparently, the set measures over four inches high, nine inches long and four inches wide – or roughly the same as the original production 500. We jest, of course, not least because Lego has actually built a life-sized replica and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Just have a look at those pictures above. That’s 189,032 Lego bricks and over 830 hours of work right there. The only thing that isn’t built from tiny plastic bricks is the steering wheel, and that’s because it’s an original 500 piece.

The 1:1 model is currently on display at the Fiat factory, where it’ll sit amongst a group of vintage 500s before making a tour of Lego shops across Italy in March/April. Lovely stuff.

STORY Greg Potts

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