Twenty-20 Vision : Vueroid D20-Q2 dashcam

By topgearsingapore, 28 March 2022

Singapore - Love them or hate them, in-car dash cams do have a place in the Singaporean motoring landscape.

That extra level of protection from wayward drivers or unpredictable road conditions is an important toolkit in every driver’s arsenal.

However, what if you needed something more than a standard video camera glued to your windshield?

Well, the Vueroid D20-Q2 could well be the answer to your prayers.

Manufactured by NC& Co. Ltd, a Korean-based company that is one of the largest ODM dash-cam manufacturers in Korea, the Vueroid D20-Q2 is far from your bog-standard in-car camera recording system.

The front camera of the Vueroid D20-Q2 features a SONY Starvis IMX335 sensor that supports 2K Quad HD recording up to 30fps for both the front and rear camera with a 145-degree field of view.

The D20-Q2 also features built-in WiFi, GPS functionality and a unique Speed Camera Warning System.

The latter feature is developed by Cyclops UK, a safety camera database that provides accurate up-to-date data on speed camera locations to pre-empt drivers whenever they approach a camera zone.

You might like to know that the Cyclops system database works in both Singapore and Malaysia.

The D20-Q2 has several recording modes, such as normal or event recording modes, all of which can be customised from the Vueroid mobile and PC app.

When parked, the D20-Q2’s parking modes include a timelapse mode, which records footage at 1fps for quicker playback, or motion detection mode, which activates the camera from sleep mode whenever it senses a moving object.

Perhaps the biggest feature of the D20-Q2 is the Active Driver Alert System (ADAS). The ADAS system works in a similar fashion as the safety systems onboard most modern cars.

The system features Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), a rearward collision warning system (RCWS) and even blindspot detection.

In addition to that, the D20-Q2 also features Lane Departure Warning (LDWS), as well as traffic light detection and pedestrian detection alerts systems.

At a stoplight, it’ll even go as far as to alert the driver when the vehicle in front has started moving off thanks to the Front Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA) system.

With ADAS’ various safety systems in place, any car equipped with the Vueroid D20-Q2 dashcam essentially has the added benefit of a full suite of active driver safety features akin to an OEM fitted driver alert system found in offerings from more premium brands.

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