Look! It's a Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny!

By topgear, 11 August 2018

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Liberty Walk. You might have heard of them. A Japanese tuning house known for riveted bodykits that near-enough double the width of any car they’re attached to. Polarising, to say the least.

(Click HERE for a look at Liberty Walk's mind-blowing HQ)

And now they’ve had a crack at the new Suzuki Jimny, by far the most adorable car we’ve seen so far this year. Yes we’ve only got the one pic, but we just had to show you this thing. Details are scant too – a post on LW’s Instagram reveals little, and their website isn’t any more help.

(Click HERE for a look at the non-modified Jimny, which is already pretty cool!)

But the fact ‘G-Mini’ is written on the number plate ought to give you an idea what LW was going for with its kit. The front bumper closely resembles something you might see on a big, three-pointed G. There’s what looks like a carbon bonnet with a big scoop (all the more amusing, assuming it retains the standard car’s 1.5-litre engine), some roof accoutrements and of course those arches.

You like?

(We've driven it! Click HERE to read about how the Jimny drives)

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