10 things you need to go off-road

By topgearsingapore, 24 February 2022

10 things you need to go off-road

Have a Defender, Jimny or even a Rolls-Royce Cullinan? Here is how you can prep for an off-roading trip!

01 Straps, strops and anchors

Ropes and anchors are the recovery basics; without them, you can’t connect to anything.

02 Jacks/airbags

A decent Hi-Lift jack is useful everywhere – for soft ground, use an exhaust-inflated airbag.

03 Winches

A bit of a luxury, but if you’re on your own, a decent winch will allow for self-recovery.

04 Sand ladders

Waffle boards or sand ladders get dropped under spinning wheels to provide grip.

05 Lights

You need to see what’s going on – and not just at the front of the car, either.

06 Tyre deflators/compressors

Airing down is useful in most off-road situations. Might as well make it easy.

07 Medical go-bag

Always carry a basic First Aid kit. You’ll be surprised how many grazes you get.

08 Tyre repair kit

If you’re going far and not carrying spares, a kit with a few ‘tyre mushrooms’ is killer.

09 Crovel

Basically a ‘tactical shovel’ with a load of useful features.

10 Portable power pack

A small power pack can be the difference between making it back out... and not.

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