8 floors of automotive goodness uncovered at the Wearnes Automotive Centre

By davidkhoo, 04 November 2019
Singapore – Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd has unveiled a brand-new eight storey integrated lifestyle facility, dubbed Wearnes Automotive Centre.
The S$30m tower spans 200,000 square feet across the eight storeys and boasts boutique car displays, workshop bays, conference facilities and a club lounge that affords a panoramic view of the collectible rate and vintage machines stored in an expansive climate-controlled bonded storage area.
The multi-faceted facility is the first of its kind in Singapore and is fitted with the latest technology to enhance its capabilities in serving customers and delivering optimum services across all after-sales and operations.
Furthermore, Wearnes Automotive has snapped up even more esoteric high-performance brands to add to its portfolio, including Lotus, Pininfarina and Rimac, which turns it into a multi-sportscar distributor. Rimac not only supplies electric powertrains to some of the most evocative sportscar brands in the world, it also builds its own super-sportscars.
Wearnes Automotive took advantage of the occasion to launch the Rimac 'C_two' in Singapore, a semi-autonomous all-electric super-sportscar that delivers 1.4 megawatts of power at 720V. This translates to 1888 horsepower, a 412km/h top speed and 1.85secs to blitz from nought to 96km/h.
Mr. Andre Roy, CEO of Wearnes Automotive
Mr. Andre Roy, CEO of Wearnes Automotive
“Today’s launch holds special significance for all of us here at Wearnes, both past and present – all of whom have helped immensely in our mission to deliver the utmost dedication and the ‘Wearnes Experience’ to our customers of the luxury marques we represent,” said Mr. Andre Roy, CEO of Wearnes Automotive (pictured above).
“The opening represents a new chapter in the success story of our reigning presence and hub in Asia for rare performance and vintage car collectors. With the recent addition of Alpine, Lotus, Pininfarina and Rimac to the stable of brands, the new eight-storey tower will double our service capacity, allowing us to support future growth and provide the best-in-class services for our customers – while remaining highly accessible to customers along the prime Leng Kee automotive belt”.
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