Alfa Romeo has updated the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio

By topgear, 08 May 2020

Been dawdling on purchasing a 510hp super-Alfa because the interior tech is a bit ropey? Been waiting until you could spec a Giulia or Stelvio Quadrifoglio in a verdant shade of Montreal Green?

Then, allow to make your day. Meet the subtly updated, 2020 Quadrifoglio family. And no, there isn’t any more power. The 510hp bi-turbo V6 was plenty already, so it stays the same. If you’re after a faster Alfa, might we recommend snaffling a Giulia GTA. Quickly.

This is basically a tactical move by Alfa Romeo to grab the supersaloon kingdom while the BMW M3 is on hiatus and it’s all gone a bit quiet on the Mercedes-AMG C63 front. There are new colours, LED rear lights and optional carbonfibre bits of trim. On the Stelvio SUV, there’s now a 21-inch wheel option – which no modern super-4x4 would be without…

Inside, there’s more relevant updates. Alfa’s fitted an infotainment system that doesn’t look like the loading screen from Gran Turismo 3. Hurrah! But, it’s now a touchscreen. Boo. Still, there’s on-board telemetry galore, to distract you from new options inside, like red or green seatbelts.

The other big update is the arrival of level 2 autonomous driving assistance. So, the ultimate drivers’ Alfas will now start, stop, follow traffic and lane markings of their own accord, with Alfa saying the system is designed to help drivers in heavy traffic or on longer journeys. As per, the driver’s hands have to stay on the steering wheel all the time.

Frankly, in a car this exciting, engaging and overflowing with flamboyant personality, we can’t imagine you’ll be giving the computer chips the pleasure of taking over that often.

STORY Ollie Kew

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