Borneo Motors Announces Top 3 Singaporean Qualifiers for the regional round of the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020

By topgearsingapore, 21 September 2020

SINGAPORE – Borneo Motors has announced the top three Singaporean qualifiers for the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020 [Regional Round], Toyota’s first-ever regional e-Motorsport  event.  

A series of national-level qualifying races were held to short-list e-racers for the regional round of the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020 that will be held on 25th October 2020. Teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and India will field three qualifiers from each country. Representing Singapore is winner AR Muhammad Aleef, along with 1st runner up Nur Shazliezhan Bin Hassan and 2nd runner up Jason Tay.

As a part of championing Toyota’s rich heritage in motorsports, as well as the commitment towards building better cars through motorsport, Borneo Motors is the official sponsor and host for the national qualifying rounds in Singapore.

e-motorsport has evolved to be a key pillar of the Toyota Gazoo Racing heritage, and builds on Toyota’s rich history of innovation and its long-standing involvement  in motorsports.

Mr. Samuel Yong, Director of Marketing and Business Strategy at Borneo Motors, explains, “The passion for e-Motorsports has always been an  integral part of Toyota Gazoo Racing. With the exciting introduction of the Toyota GR Supra to our line-up late last year, our sponsorship towards the GR Supra GT Cup Asia 2020 is undoubtedly aligned with the spirit of motorsports, and we hope to further fuel and celebrate the strong passion for Toyota Gazoo Racing here in Singapore through novel initiatives like this.”  

Speaking on behalf of the three qualifiers, winner AR Muhammad Aleef said, “We are grateful to Toyota and Borneo Motors for the opportunity to express our enthusiasm for e-motorsports and sharing it with  other like-minded individuals. Through this competition, we’ve had the chance to meet other e motorsport enthusiasts who are as equally passionate about Gran Turismo Sport and sim racing, and we  cannot wait to do Singapore proud at the Regional round come October.”

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