Category A COE friendly all-new BMW X1 arrives in Singapore

By Clifford Chow, 01 December 2022

Category A COE friendly all-new BMW X1 arrives in Singapore

Singapore - It is an SAV, it qualifies for a Category A COE, and it has a badge. All the qualities which will make BMW’s new X1 sDrive16i an attractive buy for badge-conscious Singaporeans. But it still has a premium price tag of at least $243,888.

The third generation SUV is longer, wider and taller than the car it replaces, and sports a more aggressive-upright face. The latter is a design carryover from the 2 Series Active Tourer and the LCI X3. While it is a larger car, BMW boffins have found ways to reduce the SUV’s drag, bringing it down from Cd 0.29 to Cd 0.26.

The BMW X1 sDrive16i is available in xLine and M Sport trim, and for Singapore customers, both cars get a 19-inch setup.

The new SAV’s dashboard is carried from the 2 Series Active Tourer, which means that it gets a large panel for housing for its 10.7-inch control and 10.25-inch information display screens. There is also that super-large wireless smartphone charger, which is built to accommodate only one phone. The floating centre console is a nod to BMW’s tech-loaded iX SAV.

BMW’s voice activated Operating System 8 infotainment firmware also makes its way into the SAV, which means that it now can determine if it is the driver or front passenger who is requesting something.

The X1’s suite of driving safety features is also comprehensive. The Driving Assistant includes Rear Collision Prevention, and exit warning. This bit of safety is paired with the now familiar Reversing Assistant and Parking Assistant.

Versatility is high on the X1’s design brief. The rear seats are adjustable fore and aft by 130mm, and split and fold in 40:20:40 format. With the rear seats down, boot capacity increases from 540 litres (34 litres more than the previous X1), to 1600 litres.

BMW X1 sDrive16i Singapore - Engine cover
BMW X1 sDrive16i Singapore - Engine cover

“The BMW X1 has evolved in terms of design and technology and is more appealing than ever,” said Mr. Lars Nielsen, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “Customers appreciate its design, practicality, and driving performance, and have even more to look forward to now. Not only is the BMW X1 the first BMW X model to be offered with a Category A COE, customers are also offered 5-year BMW Service Inclusive Plus and BMW Extended Warranty as part of the standard offer. We are confident the all-new BMW X1 will make a strong statement and will be top of mind for SAV customers.”

The 1.5 litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 129hp and 180Nm, which means that the BMW X1 sDrive16i qualifies as a Category A COE car… but while we say this, the quota premium sits at a lofty $90,589*. Which will mean that the small BMW is going to be costly.

The BMW X1 sDrive16i xLine retails for $243,888, while the fancier M Sport SAV goes for $245,888.


*Accurate at time of publication

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